We live "off mountain" and so we had to rely on her to pre-assess whether any given listing was worth the 1.5 hour drive to see in person. Michelle Calkins did an amazing job of learning what we were looking for, and then finding properties to match. She went to houses in advance and gave us honest assessments as to whether it was likely "for us" or not, taking videos and many extra pictures for us each time in the process. Many times she told us, honestly and helpfully, that something was not right for us, or was overpriced, or otherwise likely not worth the trip up to see. She even urged us to back out of a prior purchase, despite being the agent on that one as well and thus it being against her own interest to do so, because something was not feeling right to her about the way the seller was handling the situation. We thus learned to completely trust her judgment, and we were rewarded for doing so. When she said she (again) found the perfect house for us, she was right. We came up there that day, agreed that it was indeed perfect for us, and had an offer in that night. She was also great during the closing process, as she was immediately responsive, any time of day or night, making sure everyone was on the same page and moving forward as quickly as possible. An absolute pleasure to work with. We love our new cabin and consider her our first friend in the area.