We were very happy to have worked with Kristina on the purchase of our cabin. She was always cheerful and helpful. We had been searching since October 2015 for a small place and had previously tried working with realtors in a nearby lake community. With them we seemed to be the ones doing all of the footwork and we were constantly calling them when we found a listing online. They never seemed to make an effort to contact us.

The first day out with Kristina was great! She was prepared and had several properties to show us. She was very on top of things and had print outs and maps for us. We ended up purchasing one of the properties she showed us that day and the entire process including escrow went very smoothly. She referred us to different services and we were pleased with all but one, the home inspector (not her fault). He didn't seem to have good knowledge of older properties and all then entail. He damaged one of the windows when trying to open it and did not offer to repair it. He was also not well versed on wood stoves and wrote something on his report which caused the insurance company to question it. Overall, we had a super experience and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kristina Jennings or your company to others.

31790 Silver Spruce Dr