Buying A Home

Buying  A Home In Lake Arrowhead With Confidence

Looking for a new home can be exciting, but equally challenge, and there may be many headaches during the process. Having real estate professional that takes the time to understand your unique needs and lifestyle is important.“ I will take the time to listen to you, guide you, communicate the buying process, from the moment initially make contact to the day I hand you the keys, and thereafter”.

I will work hard to not find the perfect home for you, but also to handle every detail of the purchase process, from negotiating the terms of sale to recommending schools, activities, resources, (see resource page). 

I will communicate and update as we go along, and an address any problems there may be.

Decide to buy? Full Time / Vacation
The decision to purchase your first or second home is one of the biggest decisions you could ever make. But there are and should be many questions:-

  • Do I need good access in the winter?
  • Am I going to be communicating up and down the hill?
  • What are Lake Rights?
  • What Benefits do I have if my house does have Lake Rights?
  • Do I want/ need a view?
  • Do I want to purchase a home on an unplowed road?
  • What do I want my home to be close to
  • How much space do I need and why?
  • Which is more critical: location or size/
  • Would I be interested in a fixer –upper?
  • How important is home valuation appreciation/

As your real estate professional and full time resident of Lake Arrowhead, and active member of the community, I can guide & advise you, to help you answer all of these questions.

Hire Your Agent
Always remember that good agents put their clients first. This is your dream and your agent is your advocate to help you make your dream come true. A great real estate agent will:-

  • Educate you about the current conditions of the market
  • Analyze what you want and what is important in your next home or your first home.
  • Think about the future
  • Guide you to homes that fit your criteria, now and in the future years to come
  • Coordinate the work of other needed professionals throughout the process
  • Negotiate with the seller on your behalf
  • Check and double check paperwork and timeframes
  • Solve Problems that may arise.
  • Liaise with loan officer and escrow throughout the entire process
  • Keep you updated with new listings as and when they hit the market.

Secure Financing
It is essential that you talk to a good Mortgage Broker. Ultimately, you lender will pre-approve you for a certain amount, but YOU will decide what your comfort zone is.

  • Choose a loan officer
  • Make sure they explain all the different loans
  • Choose the right type loan for your situation

Be Ready, Get Organized …

Find Your Home
You are ready, you are organized, you have your preapproval, you have found your agent, now you need to find the property! Your great agent that you have chosen has listened very carefully to what it is your criteria.

  • Receive listing that only fit your criteria.
  • Your agent will preview all listings – that are of interest.
  • Spend time with showing you the listings and answer any initial questions you may have prior to making an offer.
  • Dedicate time & patience, making sure it the right fit.

Making An Offer
Although excitement and emotions may run away with you, it is important to remember, that a home is an investment. Your agent will research similar properties in the neighborhood to help determine the market value & fair price.

  • Three major components of an offer, price, terms, & contingencies
  • Price is what you are willing and able to pay for the property.
  • Terms cover the financial and time periods.
  • Contingencies clauses are “let out clauses” if the house has any problems after the home as been inspected.

Perform Due Diligence
You may be head over heels in love with the property, and the sellers have accepted the price, terms, and conditions and the contracts are signed. Now what ? The property may not be perfect, inspections should be carried out.

  • You main concern is the possibility of structural damage, from water, shifting ground, or poor construction when it was built.
  • Home inspections reports can be long, but certain items can be fixed and often sellers, are willing to address these.
  • It is important to remember that due diligence must be performed within a certain time frame.
  • It is also important to remember that adequate insurance should be research and require during this period as well.

Closing/ Escrow
Everything is done, and is looking good. However, there are a few pre-closing responsibilities to be mindful of.

  • Stay in control of your finances; keep an line of communication open with your lender and your agent, should anything change. Talk to your loan officer if you decide to purchase a large investment prior to closing.
  • Communicate with your agent. They should make sure that all paperwork is signed & repairs have been taken care.
  • Do a final walk through with your agent.

Protect Your Investment
The home buying process is complete and you are now the proud owners of home in Lake Arrowhead.

  • Do routine maintenance check ups.
  • Look out for leaks.
  • Winterize your property if you are not there in the winter.
  • Clear your back yard.
  • Clean your chimneys regularly.

I will be here to help after closing as well!